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Overseas conference information:


Result of Traveling Scholarship (Jan – Jun 2018):

The successful candidates are:

Dr. Lau Yan On Yvonne PWH
Dr. Suen Tsz King CMC
Dr. Fan Chi Ho Jason AHNH
Ms. Cheung Wing Hang Prudence QMH

HKMA Swimming Gala 2017 - HKOA Team


HKOA 18th Prof. Arthur Yau Memorial Cup result:

Prof Arthur Yau Cup
- Champion Dr Wong Wing Shun Albert
- 1st Runner-up Dr Tsoi Chi Wah Danny
- 2nd Runner-up Dr Fu Wai Kee

Best Gross Score
- Dr Cheng Chung Lun

Ladies Competition
- Champion Ms Alice Cheng
- 1st Runner-up Ms Iris Chan

Longest Drive (Men)
- Hole 2 Dr Cheng Chung Lun
- Hole 13 Dr Cheng Chung Lun

Longest Drive (Ladies)
- Hole 5 Ms Alice Cheng

Closest to pin
- Hole 1 Dr Cheng Chung Lun
- Hole 4 Dr Jack Shu
- Hole 6 Dr Wong Wing Shun Albert
- Hole 11 Dr David Fang
- Hole 14 Ms Alice Cheng
- Hole 16 Dr Fu Wai Kee

Bogey prize
- Dr Lo Wing Nin Raphael

THE 5th HKMA DRAGONBOAT FUN DAY - Invitational Mini Dragon Boat Race cum David Fang Cup

HKOA dragon boat team: 1st runner up

HKMA family sports day - HKOA running team result:

4 x 100 relay: 1st runner up
4 x 400 relay: Champion

HKOA Team members:

Dr. Li Ho Ming
Dr. Lee Sung Yee
Dr. Ip Hoi Yeung
Dr. Issac Ko

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