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Jan 2020

Honorary Secretary

Dear fellows and members,

Happy Lunar New Year to all. Besides saying Kung Hei Fat Choi, I think most of us also hope for best of health. The up surging of infection of novel coronavirus brings a big challenge to our medical system. The reported number of infected cases was on rising trend and also included medical staffs who taking care of those patients. At the time of writing the Newsletter, one of the doctors in Hubei Province passed away after being infected. The measures token in Mainland China to control the outbreak was also kept upgrading. The situation recalls us the memory in 2003 vividly. We did pay a great cost in that difficult year in order to win the battle and some of our beloved left us in this war. The departure of our loves not only left us the ineffaceable experience, but also reminded us the importance of protecting invaluable and irreplaceable individuals. We have more advance equipment and designated infection control building. We are more vigilant than before and we pay extra caution to protect ourselves and our patients. General public also raise their awareness. No need to mention hand hygiene, wearing mask etc, some housing estates had their buttons of elevators covered with plastic sheet for easier cleaning. This is also my first time to find the smell of disinfectant in a minibus. I truly hope with the best effort from every party, we can beat the disease in very future. Hong Kong add oils

CH Wong
The Hon. Secretary

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