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Feb 2020


Dear fellows, members and associate members,

Happy Lunar new year!

It had been a tough 2019 and we are definitely having a bad start in 2020 for all of us. Ongoing political issue, and the outbreak of Covid-19 had put as all into a tough situation. Be it you are working in HA or in private, we are all facing some terrible situation where we have not experienced before. We must stay strong and fight together as a team in order to pass through these tough situations.

In the Year 2020, in order to boost up our morel, we shall organized more team building activities. When situation allow us, there will be wine tasting gathering, Hi-fi Audition gathering, and if any of you have further suggestion, I will try my best to organize as many activities as possible to keep our spirit on going.

May I wish all of you to stay safe and have good health!

Dr. Kelvin Tam Kwok Wai
Vice President
Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association

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