Patient education material


Fact sheets for common Orthopaedic operations:



Trigger finger (中文)

Trigger finger (English)

Below/ Above knee amputation (中文)

Below/ Above knee amputation (English)

Trauma (Fracture):

Hip fracture fixation (中文)

Hip fracture fixation (English)

Hemiarthroplasty (中文)

Hemiarthroplasty (English)

Ankle fracture fixation (中文)

Ankle fracture fixation (English)

Calcaneal fracture fixation (中文)

Calcaneal fracture fixation (English)


Total hip replacement (中文)

Total hip replacement (English)

Total knee replacement (中文)

Total knee replacement (English)


Anterior decompression / fusion (中文)

Anterior decompression / fusion (English)

Posterior decompression / fusion (中文)

Posterior decompression / fusion (English)


Arthroscopic meniscal surgery (中文)

Arthroscopic meniscal surgery (English)

ACL reconstruction (中文)

ACL reconstruction (English)

Patient information pamphlets:


(Translated from Your Orthopaedic Connection of American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 翻譯自美國骨科醫學院病人資訊庫)

Osteoporosis 骨質疏鬆症:

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Total Hip Replacement 髖關節全關節置換術:

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Knee ligament injuries 膝關節韌帶受傷:

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Total Knee Replacement 全膝關節置換術:

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Low back surgery 腰背手術:

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c. AAOS wishes to thank the Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association for translating this information into Chinese and for its support of educational programs for patients and the public.

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