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May 2020

Honorary Treasurer

Dear Orthopaedic surgeons,

It is true pleasure for me to write for the HKOA newsletter this month.

The COVID-19 epidemic has affected the whole population in Hong Kong, including the orthopaedic surgeons, public and private sector alike. I am unable to put into words how much changes this situation has brought to us, be it work or personal life.

Having said that, adversity reveals genius. We were able to make adjustments accordingly. The HKOA had an unprecedented Zoom council meeting, lasting for about an hour, it has run much more smoothly than expected.

Ever since I have taken up the role of the treasurer of the HKOA, the financial situation has remained relatively stable, despite the rising publication fees of our HKOA journal.

You may have noticed that credit card payment was impossible for HKOA conference last year, and it has finally been deemed possible now after having settling the bank issues.

I hope that Hong Kong will continue to be a safe and stable community, so that the Orthopaedics society can continue to blossom!

Dr Sally Hi Shan Cheng
The Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association

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