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Result of Traveling scholarship Jul - Dec 2017

The successful candidates are:

Dr. Kwan Yat Hong (QMH)
Dr. Cheng Sze Chung (Asia Clinic)
Ms. Lee Wai Man (QEH)
Dr. Yeung Yuk Nam (TMH)
Dr. Yim Wing Ngai (TMH)

HKMA family sports day - HKOA running team result:

4 x 100 relay: 1st runner up
4 x 400 relay: Champion

HKOA Team members:

Dr. Li Ho Ming
Dr. Lee Sung Yee
Dr. Ip Hoi Yeung
Dr. Issac Ko

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HKOA 2016 Golf Day – The Arthur Yau Memorial Cup result:

Men Champion: Tommy Ng Hung Kwong
1st runner up: Chan Lai Lok
2nd runner up: Paul TSE
Best score: CHENG Chung Lun

Lady Champion: Wu Suk Man

Nearest to pin (Men): Hole 2: David CHENG Hung Fai
Hole 4,8: CHUN Siu Yeung
Hole 13: Danny Tsoi Chi Wah
Hole 17: Paul TSE

Nearest to pin (Women): Mrs Brenda FU

Longest drive: Hole 9: LO Chi Yuen
Hole 18: Tommy NG Hung Kwong
Hole 12: (Women) WU Suk Man

Bogey price: CHEUNG Kin Wing