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Sep 2017

Council Member

Dear fellows and members,

It's my greatest honor to be in the Council for now the 5th year, and lucky to be able to experience the work as an Honorary Secretary in 2015-16. With the leadership of Dr Bobby Ng and Dr YC Wong, I witness many achievements and advancements of the Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association (HKOA) year by year.

We have 6 Council Members serving in the Chapter Councils, including Dr KB Chan, President of Foot and Ankle Chapter, Dr YB Wong, President of Sport Medicine Chapter, Dr CH Yan, President of Adult Joint Reconstruction Chapter, Dr CP Yuen Simon, Honorary Secretary of Foot and Ankle Chapter, and Dr KM Siu and Dr SW Kong, Council Members of Foot and Ankle Chapter. The bonding, connection and communication between the HKOA Council and the Chapter Council are strengthened.

This year, we have total 10 Sister Orthopaedic Associations. Besides the Japanese Orthopaedic Association (OA), Malaysian OA, British OA, Singapore OA, New Zealand OA, Thailand OA/ RCOST, Indonesia OA, Philippines OA, and Indian OA, there is one more which is Korea OA. We now have new annual exchange ambassadors between the HKOA & Korea OA. This is a valuable opportunity for our members to learn from Korean orthopaedic surgeons, especially for young modern surgeons who love Korean style.

HKOA now has joined Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association (APOA) as federal member. While our Honorary Secretary Dr CH Yan is their Finance Committee Chairman, Dr YC Wong and Dr KM Siu are also the federation Council Members in APOA. The relationship is tightly maintained between HKOA and APOA. Our members now have greater opportunities to learn and advance. “Young Ambassadorship” to attend the 20th Biennial Congress of APOA in Antalya, Turkey from 10-14 Apr 2018, is now opened for application. Please apply and the deadline is coming soon on 31 Oct 2017.

You may notice that the HKOA website becomes more clear and more informative. With the hard work of Dr CH Pang who modified the website, and unconditional contribution by Dr CP Yuen Simon who renewed and strengthened, the HKOA website becomes more well organised, and more structural. There are new columns for surgeons and patients and doctors’ directory. The Chapter’s websites are now more uniformed, systematic and updated as well. We can imagine that it has demanded lots of their time and energy.

The HKOA was established since 1965. We have tons of HKOA old documents accumulated since then. They are the treasures of HKOA and all are memorable with high historical value. We have devised a system to organise and categorise them, and changed some of them into electronic file for long term storage. This process is going to be finished this year.

Dr SW Kong and now Dr KW Cheung continuously arrange and organise social activities for us. HKOA Dragon Boat Team won the Gold Cup in “Mini-dragon boat race cum David Fang Cup” in Aug 2015. That was the first time in the 50 years history of HKOA. In 2016 and 2017, we won the 1st runner-up in the “Mini-dragon boat race”. In 2017, HKOA won the 1st runner-up in 4x100 relay and Champion in 4x400 relay in HKMA Family Sports Day. HKMA swimming gala is going to be held on 29 Oct 2017. Please come and join! Golf day is also coming soon. Please pay attention to our website.

The 37th Annual Congress of the HKOA is coming very soon on 4-5 Nov 2017. Our 2 council members, Dr KM Siu and Dr YB Wong, are the co-chairmen of the organizing committee of the Congress. The theme is “Minimally Invasive Orthopaedic Surgery”. The organising committee has worked very hard for the Congress. See you all there and you should enjoy much!

Achievement of HKOA never ends.

See you soon!


Dr. Clara Wong

Council Member
Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association

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